South Africa’s government will commence distribution of coloured and flavoured condoms among students to put an end to “condom fatigue”, the health minister has stated. This exercise may reduce the wide spread of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

According to reports, a survey showed that condom usage had fallen in South Africa and the deterioration of the usage may be because “the standard-issued choice condoms just aren’t cool enough”, he added. The coloured and flavoured condom distribution is aimed at stirring the need for youths to engage in protected sex.

South Africa has the largest rate of HIV infected persons in the world suffering from the deadly virus with an estimate of 6.4 million HIV-positive people.

In 2012, a survey carried out by South Africa’s Human Sciences Research ouncil (HRSC) revealed the rate of people with HIV had risen from 10. to 12.2. A lot of the infected victims are now living longer because they are receiving treatment in state clinics which was refused by the former government in power.

The latest study shows that condom use had declined, especially in the 15 to 24 age group.  A survey in 2008 showed that 85% of males used them and 66% of females, but this had dropped to 67% and 50% respectively in 2012.

An investigator on the study Leickness Simbayi said, “The increases in some risky sexual behaviours are disappointing, as this partly accounts for why there are so many new infections still occurring,”

The health minister, Aaron Motsoaledi in response to the HIV report said: “We need to inject enthusiasm into the condom campaign, and we are about to start rolling out new types of free, coloured condoms which are also flavoured.”

The condoms are to be distributed for free at South Africa’s universities and colleges.

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