As National Adoption Week takes hold across the nation, the former pop singer Sinitta (Sinitta Renet Malone) popped into the This Morning studio for a chat.

Sinitta, 43, and her then husband Andy Willner adopted their son and daughter in 2008 after discovering that Sinitta could not conceive naturally. As the star chatted away, her two rascals Zac and Magdalena began larking about, enjoying the television attention, as Supernanny Jo Frost looked on.

Sinitta, who had hoped her children would sit quietly throughout the filming was in for a treat as the pair mischievously giggled and pulled faces as their mother talked about how important adopting children is – especially given the current situation of so many children needing a loving home.

Phillip Schofield, usually known for keeping his cool on set and laughing his way out of bloopers, found himself a little flustered as the cheeky children stole the limelight. “I have a feeling we’ve lost control – it doesn’t happen often” he stated to the cameras as Holly Willoughby looked fondly on.

But the children saved the day as Zac warmed the hearts of the nation as he pleaded, “Please let the children have a mummy and daddy so they can have everything they need.”

Sinitta and Willner divorced in August 2010 but Sinitta has since said she would like to adopt another child.

The children play around as Sinitta tries to hold her conversation


Sinitta grabs Zac's legs playfully as he giggles and continues to cause mayhemHolly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield are not easily phased when it comes to live shows!

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