Saeon may have been described as a budding singer, however she now joins the ranks of established artists like 2Face in her new role as a NAFDAC advocate.

Dr. Paul Orhi, the DG to NAFDAC commissioned Saeon to work with NAFDAC as an ADVOCATE to help them inform the general public about their cutting edge technology. Before paying for anti-malaria & antibiotic drugs, consumers can now find a scratch code behind the drug and text that code to a NAFDAC number which will alert the consumer if the drug is fake or not. Should the consumer receive a “NO” text reply, they should not pay for the drug. This is to help stop the purchasing of illegal drugs in Nigeria. This text message is totally FREE.

The DG hopes that this will be the start of a great working relationship between NAFDAC & its new ADVOCATE, Saeon.

The jingle made by Saeon for this cause is to also inform Nigerians of the September deadline which the DG of NAFDAC has  given to anti-malaria & antibiotic drug manufacturers to implement this cutting edge technology in the text message system.


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