The relationship between Goldie and Prezzo was one of the major headlines of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa- Big Brother StarGame.
However while the later seemed to be heads over heels in love, the former on the other hand seemed to have his eye on the money and was playing the game. Prezzo, Kenya rep at the Big Brother Africa star game arrived in Nigeria on Sunday August 19, 2012 and traveled to Abuja on the 20th. He was in Lagos yesterday Wednesday August 22 for a press conference and according to him, the reason he is in Nigeria is to find Goldie. According to him,  some of his seemingly negative actions towards Goldie in the house were caused by what he called “temporary paranoia“, and he his determine to make things right,

“…I went to the house as an individual. I developed feelings for Goldie and the different thing there was that you have cameras around you and you don’t know if you are playing games. I have not spoken to Goldie after the show. I cam here for Goldie… In all honesty, I cared about her and she cared about me. In that house, you don’t know what to
expect. With God on my side I pray everything works out well.”


The Kenyan Star, real name – Jackson Makini spoke with the Nigerian press at an event in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, he was dressed in a cream Agbada paired with leather slippers, he also about his charity work including his new role as a One Campaign ambassador.

Asked if he wants to marry Goldie, the Kenyan rapper said yes! if She says “yes” to his request,  and he is making this declaration public as according to him,

“…I and Goldie are not private. The whole of Africa knows I and Goldie already so it is not private”

No words from the Kennis music artiste yet.



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  1. Michelle Spice

    Prezzo treat sistah Goldie right! Don’t mistreat her… No man nor woman runs away from good, they embrace good and love…


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