Pink Pearl Foundation – a public service charity organization designed to empower women joins the rest of the world to promote breast cancer awareness with free screening in major markets in Lagos, Nigeria as part of their plan to mark the annual World Cancer Day which was on 4th February 2014.


The screening took place at Kairo market, Oshodi and Lagos Island Local Government of Balogun market and was well attended by market women, business operators within the vicinity and other passer-by. Participants at both markets were encouraged and educated about the importanace of early detection through regular self-screening as well as healthy living.

Dr. Ufoma Okotete, Managing Director of Diamond Helix Medical who is also Medical Coordinator for Pink Pearl Foundation demonstrated to the audience in practical terms how to carry out self-examination using balloon and other medical equipment. Similarly, she added that men are also vulnerable to breast cancer though with very low percentage.

A major mission for the WHO towards World Cancer Day this year was to debunk myths about Cancer as well as sensitize people about Cancer. ‘World Cancer Day’ is celebrated annually on 4th of February to deepen the general public’s understanding of the disease.

Pink Pearl Foundation founded in 2007 has been in the vanguard of sponsoring campaigns for early detection of cancer. The organization is also dedicated to empowering women through skill acquisition programmes, awareness campaigns, provision of high-quality breast and cervical cancer screenings, and diagnostic services.

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  1. Michelle Spice

    If there are need and or concerns for that individual woman, where does she goes and who pays for her care if needed?

    I don’t hear anyone talking about poverty and health care in Africa!

    I know that the folkes who have money can choose where they go and who they want to administer care to them.

    Since we the Africans in the diaspora are always only seeing flies, naked crying children, diseased men and women, hunger, poverty, shacks etc I would like to know how in this dispensation are the less fortunate been treated in terms of health care in Africa?

    What provisions are being made for the less fortunate?


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