Nigerian actress, Elizabeth Ibukunoluwa Anjorin is also a businesswoman and interior decorator. As an undergraduate at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, the beautiful lady from Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State won the Most Fashionable Student Award in 2006. In an interview with Nigeriafilms, she speaks about her love for fashion and why she likes bright colours despite being fair skinned. Excerpts:



Definition of style?

My own definition of style is when you do or wear something that is unique, that gets attention. Something that makes you look great, that makes you look chic. I love to set my own trend because when I’m getting a dress made, I make sure I design it to my own taste and give it to the person sewing it that, this is what I want, most importantly, what will make me standout when I wear the dress. I love doing things my own way. I love fashion very much. When I was in Olabisi Onabanjo University, I won the most fashionable student award in 2006.


Favourite designers?

I don’t have any. I wear anything that suits me. I go for anybody that will make me what will suit me. I’m not a designer- freak.


Favourite colours?

I love pink- orange and white. With my stature, you know I’m a petite woman, if I wear anything flashy, I will be noticed. When I dress, I want to be noticed, for people to admire me. Even when I wear black, I will add a touch of pink or orange with it.


Beauty regimen?

I take my bath three times daily. I don’t have a particular beauty product. I use any beauty product that suits my skin and face. For powder, I use Mary Kay, Black Opal, Sleek, Signature, Orekelewa, and others. I can pick any eye shadow, powder or foundation. I don’t cleanse, exfoliate, or any other beauty rituals that women go through .I don’t have time for all of that. At night, I have my bath because I love to smell fresh, after that, I use body spray and I sleep.


Choice of accessories?

I love costume jewellery and gold, but I love costumes because with it you can walk freely at any time of the night, but with gold, especially if it is an expensive one, you can’t walk in the evening not to talk of the night because you will be afraid of hoodlums. Also with costume, you can get any colour you want. However, it is always good to go for costumes that won’t give you rashes. I sell costume jewellery so I know a lot about it. For my shoes and bags, I go for what complements my dress. When buying my accessories, I look out for the design and colour not the name of the designer. I love things that are unique.


Accessory you can’t do without?

I love wristwatches. I make sure I wear wristwatches that complement what I wear. For instance, if the dress has a touch of red, I go for red wristwatch.


Favourite perfume?

I have a lot of perfumes. I use One Million dollar, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, and others.


Exercise and diet?

I don’t diet. I just try to keep in shape. I drink a lot of water and I eat good food.


The secret of your beauty?

I don’t know. I guess it is God (Laughs).


Opinion on toning?

Actually, it depends, if you are fair, you may want to do it to enhance your skin but if you are not fair and you want to tone, you will regret it. Really, I don’t condemn because personally, I do anything that suits me.


Cosmetic surgery?

I can’t do that. No, I will never ever do that .Where will I take that to?


What you will like to change about yourself?

Nothing. I think I’m perfect the way I am.


Most expensive item in your wardrobe?

It is my costume jewellery.


What you won’t be caught wearing?

I can’t wear pant outside in broad day light.


On provocative dressing?

To me, provocative dressing is when a 70-year-old woman wears tiny shorts. When you expose your navel, that is not provocative dressing but craziness because nobody will appreciate that or admire it. You don’t have to expose your body before you can be sexy. It is what you wear, your shape and your carriage that will show if you are sexy and not your body. On set, I wear shorts a lot because of the roles I play but I don’t usually dress that way in real life. I don’t usually wear heels, I spend a lot of money on slippers but in movies, I wear heels.


Special treat?

I will make a very delicious meal and when I want to relax, I go to the cinema to watch movies. I don’t go to clubs, I don’t smoke, and I don’t take alcohol. People think I’m a bad girl because of the role I play in movies but I’m not. Some of my characters are very challenging; I act the role of armed robbers, prostitutes or touts.


Hair and nails?

Actually, I don’t like fixing nails, I like to keep my nails low, but sometimes I fix my nails for certain roles. I love Ghana weave and I like long hair at times.


Controversial Lizzy?

Maybe because I’m good at what I do. People judge you by what they see in movies forgetting that it is make believe and not what you are in real life. Some will think I go to clubs but I don’t. I sleep at 9/10 p.m. and wake up at five. So, it is a misconception.


Advice on how to stay young and beautiful?

Be yourself. Know what suits you. Don’t assume you know it all but try and learn from other people, eat good food and be content with whatever you have.

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