US President, Barack obama will meet with subjugated rival, Mitt Romney at the White House on Thursday, the White House had declared.

Their meeting will be the first first face-to-face encounter since the elections earlier this month. The White House also stated that it will be private and closed to the media so there won’t be any press coverage during their time together.

The meeting is in respect to Obama‘s promise upon winning the Presidential elections to consult with Romney before the close of the year on matters affecting the American economy. Obama also intends to liaise with congressional Republican leaders to find a way to avoid the impending automatic tax increases and intense spending cuts otherwise known as “fiscal cliff” capable of pushing the US economy back into recession.

Watch Obama‘s victory speech on the night of his win

Isn’t it a commendable act that both have decided to put differences in their opinions aside and come together to solve the economic problems eating into America? We congratulate Obama and Romney on such bold and mature moves.

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