FAB News: New Video Ajebutter 22 Feat. Taymi B – ‘Senrenre’

 Ajebutter22 and Studio Magic finally give us the video to their hit song “Senrenre”, it is one of the biggest songs to come out this year, and the combination of Studio Magic’s  Dance/Pop production to Taymi B‘s vocals and Ajebutter22 flow of the song, makes the video definitely one to watch.

What I love most about it, is that it is creating something new and different within the Nigerian music industry, with its house/dance like beats, definitely something I wouldn’t be surprised to hear in a regular club night out. The minute I heard the tune I was up out of my seat dancing around my living room. With the video out we now have faces to the music, as well as a story line to go behind the song; the word ‘Senrenre’ is cleverly used as a drink to define its meaning, and the video is centred around people having a good time, as well as some uptight girls, who eventually let lose after having “too much Senrenre”.

Some aspects of the video are also very reminiscent of Kanye West and Jay z’s ‘Niggas in Paris’ video. The video was directed by David Guise of Visionnaire Films in the UK, viewers with Epilepsy are advised against flashing lights.

Keep a look out for Ajebutter22‘s next single “Omo Pastor” featuring DRBLasgidi‘s Boj coming out on the 18th and his mixtape project with Studio Magic“Anytime Soon” out the first week in August.


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  1. dayo says:

    ehen!!! too many artists jo!! ewo tun ni aje butter

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