On Monday 7th November 2011, Nigeria’s popular rapper MI and Music producer Terry G took shot at each other on twitter.


MI tweeted “Pls…what does akpako mean? so apparently…Terry G alone understands the deep mysteries of akpako.”



Terry G apparently who didn’t get it and thought that MI was making fun of him, replied with curse “@MI_Abaga Africa DanGba nomba 1,short dwarf, u 4 try ask me naaa,wat do u fink, chop chicken!!”


In case you’re wondering what Terry G meant by “chop chicken” he described it as “Anybody who doesn’t wish U well, tell dem “CHOP CHICKEN and die”


But MI clearly wasn’t ready to start a fight with the akpako master, so he asked his twitter followers to stop making matters worse.


MI also admitted that he had messed up by tweeting about Terry G’s catchphrase and song title “akpako” in the first place.



MI tweeted:


“MI_Abaga @Fagsam I didn’t mean any disrespect… I really didn’t know what ‘akpako’ meant.. And then everyone was like terry g.”

“MI_Abaga If @Terrygzus is actually terry g’s account then I apologize.. I meant no harm.. Someone said akpako to me and I had never heard
it before.”

“MI_Abaga so when I tweeted about what it meant…I was surprised that everyone kept saying ‘ask terry g’…Hence my comment.”

“I have nothing but the utmost artistic and personal respect for Terry G…”


Terry G then tweeted:


“Terrygzus @romanosas yeah, he should have asked me if he has any issues wif akpako, abi hin won use my name get more followers. Kpakam!!”


Pheww! Thank God that’s over.

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