FAB News: Kinabuti Fashion Initiative Gets Down and Dirty (in Sanitation) in Bundu, Port Harcourt

You may recall our editor Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo’s outing to the Bundu community in Port Harcourt with the Kinabuti team back in 2010 to attend the fashion shoot run by the label’s creator Caterina Bortolussi. This time around it was our publisherMr Fab’s turn to take a trip to Bundu – only for a much less glamorous cause as he took on the mammoth task of sanitising the environs of Bundu along with the Kinabuti team, volunteers and the Bundu community.


Saturday April 7th, Kinabuti Fashion Initiative (KFI), committed to improve living conditions in the Waterfront communities where it operates carried out its first, in a series of 4monthly sanitation exercise to be held every first Saturday of the Month. The exercise was hosted in the waterfront communities in Port Harcourt. At 6:00am, members of the Bundu community, Old and young, male and female, youths and community leaders along side the Kinabuti Team and friends of Kinabuti, all trooped out en-mass to begin the tedious but most rewarding exercise of cleaning out gutters, alleys, picking and taking out trash and garbage.


The exercise, also done in collaboration with the Rivers State Environmental and Sanitation Authority was adjudged by the people to have been a tremendous success as it not only brought out the communal spirit in them but also finally put Bundu on the map for weekly collection and permanent bins will be placed in the area, a feat which had hitherto had never happened. It was an amazing milestone in the community

KFI, keeping in line with its capacity building programme, organized a training workshop targeted at training single mothers. The first workshop, financed by Kinabuti, started on April 2nd 2012 and it is still currently under implementation, is focused primarily on teaching them the art of silkscreen production and design.

The workshop is aimed at teaching the participant important skills of the making of printed garments and print in silk-screen on different surfaces using local and easily accessible materials. The bone of this project was to develop these women in a vocational skill to earn a living and support their children and other dependents in a sustainable manner.



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  1. Mr FAB says:

    I still recall the towncrier going around Bundu crying ‘Oyinbo (a white person) dey clean una (your) doti (dirt)…Oya! Comot (come out) make you come clear doti o! Amazing experience! A lot od filth but we made sure with the help of willing community members who volunteered we cleaned up the town. My sincere hope is that they keep this up!

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