Now we all know how much Kanye West loathes the paparazzi from his many run ins with them , and his recent brawl with one. So it came as one huge surprise, when one photographer asked Mr West if  he thought Katie Couric was a fake media friend, and all he did was stare blankly then give one of those cheeky smiles.

If you don’t know the back story Katie Couric recently sent Kim Kardashian, an insincere baby gift, which she posted on Instagram with the hash-tag “#ihatefakemediafriends”

Take a look at the picture below

kim k

Also if you still can’t believe that Kanye has done a 360 in how he treats the paparazzi, check out the footage for yourself below.

If you’ve forgotten what his prior encounters with them were like, check this out.

Photo Credit: Necolebitchie.com

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