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You may recall the incident of Kanye West, beating up a teenager in a chiropractor waiting room for assaulting his fiance Kim Kardashian and using the ‘N’ word on the reality star, without any remorse (click here for full story). He finally settles the teenager to avoid a court case.

Kanye settles case with teenager

According to reports, he settled the teenager with over $250,000 ( N14 million) which is just a fraction of the cash demanded.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

The teenager who has now agreed to cease the prosecution charges, requested for a total settlement in six figures during the negotiation process. The $250,000 could be a mere fraction of the total figure demanded.

Stating the obvious, the cash settlement given to the teen was to avoid the extended proceedings of a court trial. Kanye was never charged for felony neither was any arrest ever recorded for that reason, Yeezy may have walked out a free man if he was charged to court. Meanwhile, the teenager’s racial name calling and vulgar words to the TV star rules out the rap star’s assault to the teen.

Judging from the stance of the progress in Kim and Kanye’s relationship/wedding plans, the couple who just commenced the parenting affair clearly, are keeping away from any court trial.





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