Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy moves away and gets lonely, so boy invents app for his sweetheart……If this isn’t a modern day fairytale I don’t know what is.


Meet Oleg Kostour, he moved from Canada to Mountain View to build a 3D software startup. Instead, he built an app to stay in touch with the girlfriend he left behind in Canada.


“We thought, if we’re so disconnected, how can we use our mobile devices to feel a little bit closer, to feel like we can touch each other?” Kostour says.


Called Pair, the app basically creates a private shared timeline for couples that allows them to easily swap messages, photos, videos and locations with each other. Instead of filling each other’s Facebook walls with cheesy messages and “I love yous”, this app lets you do the same thing – without the whole world knowing (Finally no musty love peoms popping up on my Facebook news feed).


Pair takes the concept behind Path a step further. Instead of sharing personal updates within a small network, it’s a way to stay constantly connected with the smallest of networks — one other person.

The app includes a feature called “thumb kiss” that vibrates when both parties touch the same spot on the screen. Couples can also co-create drawings, maintain a joint to-do list and send a “thinking of you” message that works like a more thoughtful Facebook poke.


Instead of juggling those Skype dates, phone calls and text messages, the app provides one portal for communication.

“If I want to talk to her, I don’t have to tap anywhere else,” Kostour says of his girlfriend of two years. “Just tap one button and I’m talking to her right away.”


Pair is available now as a FREE download on the Apple App Store, and an Android version is on the way (yes, cross-platform functionality will be supported).


So FAB readers, what say you? Will you maybe now consider that long distance relationship that you would have cast aside previously?

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