Before the last elections, which held in April 2011, those in the showbiz industry in Nigeria prepared for and endorsed President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as Nigeria’s next President, after the death of President Yar’adua.


President Jonathan gained sympathy from many Nigerians based on how he rose to power, especially coming from a poor background.



In one of his pre-election campaigns, D Banj, one of the members from Mohits crew interviewed the President who was then an acting president. With that happening, it then raised speculations that D Banj and the Mohits crew had been paid to support the President.


The recent removal of the hotly debated fuel subsidy by the President on New Year’s Day has caused tension towards President Jonathan, coming from a lot of people and Nigerian celebrities.


One celebrity who showed concern was the boss of the Mohits crew, Michael Elebeli Collins popularly known as Don Jazzy, who said, “I hardly regret decisions I make. That my one vote added to put the current government in power is one decision I regret with all my heart.”


Speaking his mind even more, the talented music producer stated, “what I don’t know is if the man we all voted for deceived us knowing that he would turn out like this or he is not the one leading us. May God help us.”


“God knows that the government has not given Mohits a penny, just like I have always told you guys. I am boldly putting it out here.”


“We all voted for the guy [President Jonathan] because at the time, we thought and believed he would be the one to move the country forward. My conscience is clear,” he concluded.


The fuel subsidy removal has seen fuel price rise steeply from N65 to N141 – N158. It has also been greeted with widespread condemnation and protests around the country with deaths already been recorded.

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