Perhaps it is true what people say- “The road to success is not a very smooth one”

Multiple award winning Nigerian/German artiste and songwriter- FABulous  Nneka Eguna in an interview with Arukaino Umukoro, shared her expirience on how she rose from the depths of cleaning toilets in Germany for years to the hieghts of global acclaim and hoe she became a household name in the industry.

Having moved to Germany in year 2000, Nneka faced quite a lot of difficulties and expirienced the pains of having to struggle to survive on your own has a teenager and has a black child living in Germany having to live in a reformation facility

me I just came from Africa and they gave me a small room, with only a small bed, a small window and a small wash-hand basin, like a prison

Nneka went on to mention how she had to sell help sell shoes in a shoe place, later worked as a secetary in a driving licence school, work in a cinema and had to

clean the toilets everyday before she leaves for school, I did that for almost three years

Untill the release of her second album “No Longer at Ease”, Nneka cleaned those toilets to earn money to support her and her career(music).

Today, Nneka is a big name in Africa’s music industry, with mutiple awards to her credits including MOBO award, performing alongside top acts such as Nas,Lenny Kravitz, Damian Marley, she was also on the Hennesy artisrty 2010 alongside Bez, Kas, Sir Shina Peters. she also co-founded a foundation called ROPE with Ahmed Ner from Sierra Leone.
She has recently released her third album “Soul is Heavy”


No denying, Nneka is doing great for herself.

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