The just concluded Sallah celebration might have been fun-filled but not for everyone, for Notable Yoruba actor, Ayo Badmus, fun was cut short as it was on that day he got beaten black and blue by a group of hoodlums suspected to be political thugs in Oshodi area of Lagos State. Sources claimed that the group was said to be working for the Oshodi area Chairman.

The actor in company of his wife and younger brother had gone to visit veteran cinematographer, Tunde Kelani at Feyinde Kalisto Oshodi when the incident took place.

According to Ayo, he had gone round to exchange pleasantries with the people he met at the place and attempts to exchange handshake with the chairman is what earned him the beating. The brother to the chairman had said Ayo should have prostrated instead of trying to exchange handshake.

Ayo did not reply though unsatisfied with the cold reception accorded to him, he just worked away even as the said brother continued to abuse him and also said “Nollywood stars are being useless and stupid set of people.

Ayo Allegedly said he was surprised when he saw a group of thugs numbering up to twenty attacked him.

“I saw a group of thugs numbering up to twenty pounced on and started beating me…”

Ayo said they had beaten him, broke bottles on his head,kicked him and almost killed him but for his wife, brother and other people who came to his rescue. The Chairman reportedly showed indifference while the incident lasted.

“I have done a lot for the Lagos State government even without getting paid, why should I then be treated in such manner, like a criminal? What the Oshodi chairman and his brother did was wrong, they are public servants and should be polite” – these Ayo had said in a phone interview according to the source.

The actor added that he has never met them before and that day was his first time setting eye on them. Ayo who claimed he has never been involved in any kind of politics feels the chairman and brother were probably intimidated by his presence and the way people hailed him.

Ayo before and after the incident

Ayo has allegedly started treatment and presently wears a bandage around his head.

Fingers remains crossed as Ayo, friends and fans expect words from the Oshodi area Chairman. Ayo Badmus is a notable actor in the Nigerian Yoruba films and has stared in movies like: Abeni, Esin, Iyawo Elenu Razor, Akamo, Narrow Path and many more.

We wish Ayo quick recovery

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