Popular Hausa actress, Rabi Ismail, who was in July this year condemned to death by a court in Kano State for the murder of her boyfriend, has reportedly escaped from a prison in Hadejia, Jigawa State. She was awaiting hanging before she was discovered missing in her cell. The Jigawa State Prison Service has issued a search order for her capture.


A senior prison officer in Jigawa confirmed Ismail’s escape to newsmen, stating that the actress was awaiting execution when she was found missing and the State Prison Service has issued a search order for her capture.



The Comptroller of the Prisons in the state also disclosed that, “The escapee was accused of murder and a high court in Kano ruled that she was guilty and sentenced her. Apparently, six people including three female wardens have been arrested and being investigated for the mysterious disappearance of the convict.”


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