FAB News: FirstBank Upgrades FirstOnline for Enhanced Service Delivery


In line with leading global practices and in its quest to improve customer experience, First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, the Nation’s Number One Bank Brand has just recently upgraded its internet banking platform FirstOnline.

The new FirstOnline banking platform was upgraded to give customers more choice of accessing banking services without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. The upgraded platform now comes with enhanced security features, with multiple level security authentications such as two page login, personalized true stamp page, intelligent question and token authentication to protect customers from online fraudsters.

The FirstOnline platform is now more user-friendly with easy to use navigation page, with quick links and a contemporary menu bar that showcases the main features at a glance. The platform also offers unique features that allow multiple scheduled transfers and payments with a single token authentication as well as a financial planner function that helps customers plan and monitor their spending whilst prioritizing budget. .

As typical of any new migration process, fraudsters always use the occasion of the migration periods to perpetrate fraud with series of unsolicited mails and messages sent to customers for account details and information updates, using the guise of migration or upgrade to fleece unsuspecting customers of their funds. As part of the security measures in place to protect the customers, FirstOnline, has taken into consideration the safety, security and convenience of its customers that desire quick and easy banking transactions by providing multiple levels security authentication access across all mobile and desktop devices whenever and wherever they are in the world.

According to the Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Mrs. Folake Ani-Mumuney, the new FirstBank online banking platform, FirstOnline offers among others unique security interface that enables user to create a true stamp page identity which is exclusive to the customer’s login page and ensures that customers are only guided to the authentic personal login page for their transactions with unique token pin as final transaction authentication

The platform has also taken into account, the ease of navigation for customers who are not so technically-savvy with simple and easy to use navigation page with a glance through menu bar of platform features with ease of access  on all mobile devices such as; Ipads, laptops and mobile telephones for the delight of customers.

“The new FirstBank’s FirstOnline offers a seamless blend of security with convenience, and is available to all FirstBank customers registered on internet banking platform. And to ensure that our customers are not susceptible to the antics of fraudsters who might want to cash in on the enhanced platform to perpetrate fraud through unsolicited mails for account details update, we are using this medium to advise our customers to be vigilant and beware of such mails and always log on to the FirstOnline platform through the FirstBank corporate website by visiting www.firstbanknigeria.com.


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