In a country not known for women liberation, there are no female rappers in Afghanistan, except for Sosan Firooz… That must be really alien to us in this part of the world where women are allowed to express themselves and carry on jobs. But this is not so in Afghanistan, where women are not allowed to have interactions with men. And because of the Afghan war a lot of these women have been traumatised and are desperate to speak out against violence and inhuman treatment.

There are only few things that can be worse than be denied the right to self expression. Music is a tool that says only in so many words the longings of a singer’s heart. Afghan women are desperate for freedom from oppression, and Sosan is their voice. The 23 year old has been shunned by relatives for singing out, and her father has quit his job just to protect her as she goes on with her music. Its definitely not easy, but your girl is pressing on!  Check out Sosan’s song on youtube.


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  1. Michelle Spice

    This is how powerful the blackman’s lived experience has been and how much we have given to the world at large! Hip Hop and Rapping as the Afrikan American’s call it, we Jamaicans the originator’s call it deejaying, it is a very powerful tool and a great weapon of expression.

    Dub poetry is also another phenomenon that came from this medium. We are the creator of many mediums here on earth but have not been giving the credit for our creations, instead others who don’t know anything about it want it and want to direct it!

    In the light of all of this, everyone that’s living and existing will see the salvation because creation is going right back to its roots – the Afrikan roots…. Long live the Afrikans’ and their many blessings this particular one the Arts..


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