FAB News: Dencia drops new single ‘Super Girl’ – By Jumoke Ilori

One of the most talented acts to have watched over the past year is of course Dencia, who has captured the attention of a lot of people for much more than her music.


From public fights, leaked videos and challenges from her origin, the sexy artist has somehow managed to overcome those and drops her new single today called ‘Super Girl’.


Born to Cameroonian/Nigerian Parents on March 26, Dencia started indulging in her love for music and performance arts at the age of 5yrs old.



Her African roots have definitely played a key role in her style of music. When she was younger she use to sing in a local church group, but was later diagnosed with a deadly throat disease that affected her nose living her with doubts about her singing abilities.


Still strong-minded and certain that music was her passion, she stayed close to her love for music by engaging herself in other fields in the entertainment industry like modelling, fashion, acting, and hosting music events. S


Dencia has also featured in several music videos such as 50cents feat Jeremiah “Down on me”‘ Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3″, as well as videos of artists like Ludacris, Baby bash, Lady gaga and many more.


Dencia-SuperGirl by Moses Akerele


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