You may have heard reports making the rounds that Jay Jay Okocha is shooting a Majek Fashek biopic but Charles Novia has issued a statement about the report being false:

 ‘That story is false and is an attempt by a lazy and reprobate online writer to gain traffic to his site… I am pretty sure Jay Jay Okocha is as surprised at this story as I am. I urge the general public to disregard this story,’ Charles wrote through a release.

Charles Novia is shooting a movie biography of legendary reggae singer, Majek Fashek.

Novia dropped a hint on Facebook saying, ‘Since 2010, I have been in production of the Majek Fashek movie and half of the production which has to do with the childhood years of Majek has been completed. The adult years is the next part to be shot which will involve his musical sojourn to New York and what comes thereafter.’

 We cannot wait to see the finished result of the biopic of our beloved rainmaker, Majek Fashek.


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