After following through rigorous sessions of campaigns and presidential debates, optimistic speeches and skepticism from opponents, President Barack Obama defeated rather politically-stubborn Republican candidate, Governor Mitt Romney as he succeeded in being re-elected for the second term.

Born to win: Re-elected President Barack Obama ready to take on the challenge. At a campaign event, Apollo Theatre in New York on 19 January 2012.

Having hit the electoral point at 274 with Romney emerging with 201 points, Obama was declared winner as the whole of America roared in excitement.


At the ‘Obama Romney debate’ prior to the elections on October 3, 2012

Celebrities have since the win, taken to their twitter handles to congratulate the President. Have a look at some of the tweets.

Andre Leon Talley @OfficialALT: We have won. And President Obama has made history. I am crying alone in my bedroom, with floods of tears. I can go out and face my future.

Jennifer Hudson @IAMJHUD: It’s a new day!!!!!!! Come on!!!

Queen Latifah @IAMQUEENLATIFAH: Couldn’t be more Proud of my Country… Congratulations Mr. President!!! Now let’s get back to being “These United States of America”!!!

Mike Tyson @MikeTyson: Congrats to President Obama for a 2nd term

Whoopi Goldberg @WhoopiGoldberg: I’m so happy, NOW that it appears Prez. Obama has WON will all you racists and nasty vitriolic angry folks GO AWAY& take your CRAP w you

Rihanna @rihanna: Put one in da air for the Prez!!!! Our dear Obama

John Legend @johnlegend: :)

Chilli @OfficialChilli: Thank GOD we won!! President Barack Obama!!!

Amber Rose @DaRealAmberRose: Obama won!!!! Yay! I’m gonna get so wasted tonight! Lol just kidding;-) #4MoreYears goodnight my Loves xoxo :-)

Ashlee Simpson @ashleesimpson: 4 more years!! #Obama


No doubt President Obama is arguably one of the world’s most loved man and he understands the power it (love) holds. With love, you can climb the highest mountains – including the ones on the way to the White house. His loving wife Michelle Obama hasn’t been any less supportive. Obama tweeted this photo today.

Love is all that matters: President Obama recognizes its inestimable value


Watch the win

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