In light of the recent tragic events in Nigeria right now, we can expect that the faith, hope and morale of people is declining, so artists like Kaline and Brymo have decided to try and reach out through their music, and try and uplift those who are down or who feel like things may not get better, because there is still hope and we can overcome this.

Brymo presents us with the track ‘we all need something’, this track is truly moving and motivational, the lyrics are so soothing, real and expressive and the acoustic tone only aids to the rawness. Anyone can write a song, but when you hear a song with a message that touches your heart, it can change your mood within an instant and this is one of those songs.

Have a listen


As a tribute to the Dana Airlines MD83 victims and to their families and friends, Kaline felt moved and inspired to write a soulful and melodic song to bring others hope, and to show them they are not alone in this, we all weep together, we all pray together and we all hope together.

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