Can this woman stay out of the news for one day? I don’t think so. When you’re beautiful, powerful and extremely talented, almost everything you do will generate both positive and negative opinions from people that matter; deal with it.


Huffington post cultural critic Kiersten West has called out Beyonce for paying tribute to Fela and his 27 Queens in the March edition of  L’Oficiel magazine despite rumours of physical abuse while he was alive.


West said Beyonce’s actions represent her lack of knowledge of Fela’s negative past and that by allowing herself to be blinded by his skewed mythology; she squandered a golden opportunity to not only speak out against violent crimes against women but to honour Fela’s true queen: his mother Funmilayo.


I think West missed the point by focusing on Fela’s alleged violent past when the message Beyonce was trying to portray was that of human rights activism and freedom of expression.


What are your thoughts on Kiersten Wests’s criticisms?


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