Lynxx ‘The Groom’

Whenever the song comes on and it goes ‘you be my fine, fine, fine lady…’ in Wizkid’s voice, I can’t but move my body. The single is on all radio stations rotation and the club DJ’s are spinning it all night long.

Director Tom Robson shoot’s a top notch video of Lynxxx single ‘Fine Lady‘ from his sophomore album which features Ghanian actress and television presenter lady Joselyn Dumas at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos recently. Enjoy the pictures from the behind the scenes of the video shoot.

 Joselyn Dumas ‘the bride’

Lynxxx and his bride Joselyn Dumas

Hennessey and Moet partnering with Lynxxx video shoot

Guest at the shoot getting served by Hennessey

Ikon helping himself with a glass of Hennessey



BlackMagic (left) iilrhymez (centre) Ikon (right)



BasketMouth (right)
Video Scene
Video Scene
Lynxxx (center)
The Bride Joselyn Dumas smiles for the camera
Dr Sid
The Bride and the Porshe Car
The Groom Lynxxx
Conversation by the bar
Lynxxx and Joselyn Dumas
Video Director Tom Robson at work
Men Behind the Camera
Joselyn Dumas
Sokolad Chocolates
Dr Sid and Sasha P


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