ari giorgio-armani-logo-design People ask questions like “why are people so fashion conscious?”, “must you always wear a clothing with a designer label?” …well, ask no more; because these Armani thieves know a worthy designer when they see one.

 designer Giorgio Armani

designer Giorgio Armani


The gang of thieves [10 Romanian citizens],were arrested for stealing clothes worth between US $1,890 and US $2,700 per item of Giorgio Armani merchandise and were then sent to Romania. It was said the gang broke into a store house in the Northern Italian city of Verona last December and made off with more than 1,400 items.

screen shots from the giorgio armani Spring/summer 2013 collection.

screen shots from the giorgio armani Spring/summer 2013 collection.

The haut- was consisted of more than 1,300 garments from the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The goods were stolen from a trading post in Verona and smuggled from Italy to Bucharest In December. ari 2








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the suspects ingeniously managed to shed off the security system in a very short lapse of time” the police said in a press release. Searches conducted at six addresses in Roman on January 18th led to the discovery of 1,378 of the stolen items, the police said. The merchandise has been recovered and confiscated by the Romanian police.

Now talking about a ‘Fashion Police’ seems the Romanian police are the ones to call.



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