Nigeria has seen some of its most innovative entrepreneurial business ideas in recent years. The world continues to notice this. has released a list of 10 men from different parts of Africa who are deemed powerful as a result of being business moguls and entrepreneurs, emerging political leaders, rising corporate titans from Africa are seizing the opportunity of turning the continent around. 


Simdul Shagaya

Compiled by Farai Gundan, three Nigerians make the list – Chinedu Echeruo, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of and, Kola Karim, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoreline Energy International and Simdul Shagaya, Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of and

Also on the list is late BBC presenter who died early this year, Komla Dumor, Lead Presenter on “Focus On Africa” and BBC World News’ European morning segment.


Komla Dumor

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According to Farai Gundun, “…the 2014 list of the “10 Most Powerful Men In Africa” distinguishes and celebrates the accomplishments of Africa’s most outstanding male game changers. Our list is distinctive in that it identifies African men who are innovative, courageous, daring and often disruptive in their fields. The list highlights African entrepreneurs, corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, political and civil leaders who are changing the continent and the world around them, often times without much fanfare. Africa’s emerging power brokers – meet the 10 powerful African men who are carving a name for themselves and simultaneously changing their communities and the continent.”

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