With his highly anticipated video for the single ‘Coca Cola Shape’ young Shimzie shows his credentials as one to watch out for this year, whilst still juggling a budding career in music with his education.
Young singer is also working on a mixtape (Children of Africa) with his brother Lil Opy who we saw from their recent single “Broken Love”  as well as a spring EP with new team Staarlabz. But that’s not all; with shows and festivals lined up for him this summer, you’re mostly likely to see him in action on a stage near you soon.

As we see the Afrobeat scene rising gradually with acts like D’banj, May7ven, Iceprince, wizkidetc.Young Shimzie aka Mr Lecturah is truly repping UK Afro music.
Please Download song free via Link: http://t.co/9ERurDiu
Twitter: @shimzilicious
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2 Responses

  1. Michelle Spice

    Hey young brothers!

    This video was not impressive at all! You don’t need to do what the West is doing interms of prostituting your women on camera, the lyrical content was also poor… I am yet to see young Afrikan brothers in the west or Afrika use the rap forum to do some positive things and uplift their nation. Remember brothers you are suppose to be our head and not someone elses tail or lackie!!!

  2. Yemi Naija

    Hi Michelle, your’re right, women shouldn’t be used like this in online videos, but can we condemn this kids.? This is their talent, and I’ve been following up with young shimzie for a while. These boys are talented, regardless of how they show themselves on the internet we all know there’re worst competitiors out there like new upcomer Davido, Wizkid etc. But I believe we should appreciate homegrown talent. I’m happy for this boys. And I pray their future be bright.


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