When we first heard Ghanaian model and presenter and all around fab girl Deborah Vanessa, featured in issue 2 of FAB, was bringing out a single, to be honest, we were not sure what to expect. Yet with a brother one half of the music duo FOKN Bois, also all around fab guys and featured in issues 1 and 3 of FAB, we had feeling it may make the headlines.

When “Uncle Obama” hit social space, we were not a bit surprised that Sister Deborah had followed in the footsteps of Brother Wanlov with a song whose lyrics might rub the conservatives amongst us the wrong way – from  “Uncle Obama, I like the shape of your banana, I like the size of your banana’ to ‘it was just ripe, it was just right; my monkey would be happy all night.’ Deborah was naughty, naughty and very cheeky and although the song ran the risk of sounding like a nursery rhyme, it was this easy, repetitive beat that made it hard to get it out of your mind after two listens.

But then we had a thought… What would Sister Deborah serve for the visuals? The question got answered on Friday night with the release of the video which does the song justice in the fun and sexy stakes.

Here’s a look at the video and the ten reasons why we think it’s a hit:

1. Deborah’s slamming body. Seriously? Sister Deborah has got what it takes to make not only red-blooded men but even heterosexual women drool over her stunning looks. The girl’s got it and she is working it. See exhibit A:

2. All the single ladies. Deborah’s backing dancers have a touch of Beyonce’s single ladies, only much more colour-blocked, and in the studio or out at the market in their multi-coloured tops and tiny shorts, light-skin, dark-skin, ‘lekpa’ (too bad) and ‘orobo’ (too bad) they are the perfect accessories to Sister Vanessa.

3. Girl power walk. If she can walk that walk, no wonder the girl can talk the banana talk. Kudos to Sister Deborah and her girl army walking like they own the market, the monkey and the banana.


4. Brother Wanlov. Need we say more?

5. Double double, toil and trouble-some. Of course where there is Wanlov, there is Mensah.Twice as nice!

6. Top banana. Kudos to the costume team. Yes we’ve mentioned the colour-blocked tops and we’ll talk about pretty prints but the ‘Top Banana’ tee is on a different level. Clever touch.

7.Vanessa’s pretty prints. Across a white and light background wax print and kente hanging on the line burst with vibrant energy.And being fashionably FAB, we just can’t help but mention this!

8. Shhhhh…. We’re just talking bananas, right? Right?! Although of course the nifty camera work makes sure – as if the lyrics weren’t enough of a giveaway –  we all know it is not just bananas. Sister Debs pitches into to demonstrate that size indeed does matter when it comes to, errmm, bananas.

9. Azonto moves. If Bey’s girls can shake a leg, V’s girls can teach them a thing or two about shaking what mamas have given them. Queue the azonto moves.


10. No money’s were harmed during the making of this movie. Look at him, is he complaining. Got a fine lady and a fine banana, the monkey’s got it going.


Now here’s your turn; have a good look and tell us what you like about “Uncle Obama”.

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