A brand new talent is about to take the Nigerian music scene by storm. With a few songs already under his belt and two videos soon to hit our screens and bring a new brand of Drake-esque R&B on to the Nigerian music scene, rumoured to have had D’banj’s seal of approval, it is time we met Young R&B artist Kach, real name Kach Uche.
What’s your real name?
Uche Kach.

How did you get into music?
I started in high school just for fun, doing shows and writing songs with a group of friends, and haven’t stopped since then.

What’s your style of music?
I’m a hip hop /soul artist, a genre I feel I am good at.

Do you dabble in other genres?
Yes, I do dabble in other genres. What genre it is depends on what I am feeling at the time and how it translates into music. I also have R&B and Afrobeats songs.

How would you define your fashion style?

I would say it’s simple, chilled – not really keen on anything too much. I try and look good, but I can be a bit nonchalant about it as well, so I should actually improve.

What has been like working with Lami Phillips, especially on your new single Red Light?

It was  fun; she’s very creative and has an amazing voice. I have learnt a lot from her, both on the production side and about the industry I am going into.


Are you releasing a video to any of the two new singles, Red Light and Kach Tension? These are two great songs.

Thank you. Yes, I am; they should both be out before the end of the year. I’ll have an official date very soon.

We are in the holiday season; what do you normally do for Christmas?

Not much, I chill with family mostly; but I will still be working on my music, that doesn’t stop.

Are you single?

Yeah, I am.

What 3 things do you like in a woman?

Everyone has different qualities, it really depends on woman I meet.

What do you think of the industry at the moment?

The industry is doing very well; the growth over the last couple of years has been amazing – the  quality of songs, the videos, the range, everything is improving.The talent has always been around, but the growth of the industry is allowing more and more people to be heard.

 What are your top 3 prized possessions?

My speakers, my laptop, my beats.

Where have you dreamed of performing as an artist?

At the Grammys.

When can we expect new music from you?

Very soon, I am always in the studio so the label will definitely have new tracks so as to decide on which one to release, but follow me @kachofficial to find out more about music, videos and everything regarding Kach music.



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