FAB New Remix: BEZ gives a ‘Cikko Dance Mix’ to his song, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

BEZ‘s US and UK tour must have done a lot of rejuvenating for him and whatever he’s produced off his swag musical notes just does it for us as we’ve come to appreciate his sound.

The remix of his song, The Good, the bad, the ugly from his Super sun album is no different from what the stand-out singer represents. Still resounding in our minds, That Stupid Song  made an undoubtedly refining impact on us. We are yet to recover from it. And how the old-time lyrics were infused in such musically appealing manner remains a beautiful puzzle.


BEZ’s ‘Chikko Dance Remix’ of The Good, the bad, the ugly will get you dancing before you know it.

Check out the song

Also watch some old hits from Bez below to remind you just wahat an amazing artist he is.:

That Stupid Song ft Praiz


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