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  • FAB New Music: Mary J. Blige, Banky W and The Jackson Five all Come Together on Acoustics with Lami

    Lami Acoustics2 Where can you find a medley of covers ranging from The Jackson Five to Alicia Keys’s “Falling”, from Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down” to Janet Jackson’s “Again” all the way through to Nigeria’s very own Banky W.’s “Don’t Break My Heart”? On this week’s session of Acoustics with Lami, the Heartbreak Medley brought to you in partnership with Classic FM 97.3 premiered as always on the Classic Lounge with Buki Sawyerr Izeogu.

    The unscripted experiment continues as our queen of soul takes on a medley of vocally challenging covers and sounds positively angelic. You can’t help but fall in love with her voice all over again as Lami proves once again with this inspiring session why many call her the queen of soul.

    Every week, for the next four months, Lami will share excerpts of her sessions with us while changing the themes every month; we already can’t wait to see what else Lami will have in store for us.


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