Valentine’s weekend is right behind us but we can still feel the love in the air at FAB. One of the albums we couldn’t stop listening to over the weekend was Beyonce’s self-named fifth album – and one of our best tracks off the album is ‘Drunk In Love’.

Beyonce-Drunk-In-Love-Remix-FAB-MagazineWith her electrifying and sexy performances of the song – it is quickly catching on and so far a few people (at least 9) have released lovely remix versions of the song. We can’t quite make up our mind on the best remixes so we’re bringing you our favourite 9 – T.I, Kanye, The Weekend, Niyola, Rico Love, Katy B, Future, Details and Diplo

Drunk In Love – Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West
This is the only official remix recognized by Beyonce and talks are already being passed around about a possible video. A day after the release of the remix, Beyoncé dropped a 30-second video in which she’s a chap-wearing cowgirl corralling horses while ‘Ye’s verse plays in the background.


Drunk In Love – T.I, Beyonce, Jay-z
The T.I. “Drunk In Love” remix is definitely one of the most refreshing of all the versions released not just for Tip’s lyrics, but it also features the best beat. T.I.’s version features a more uptempo track that’s more in line with the EDM/Trap music that is dominating the clubs and radio waves.


Drunk In Love (Cover) – The Weekend
We’ve always loved The Weekend. This song right here still tops the list for us.


Drunk In Love (Cover) – Future
Ciara’s fiance and baby daddy dropped his version of Beyonce’s Drunk In Love quite early in the month – it’s definitely a different sound from what we are used to from Future

Drunk In Love (Cover) – Niyola
EME Diva, Niyola took a crack at Beyonce’s smash single “Drunk In Love” but this time, she slows it all the way down to a proper love ballad.

Drunk In Love (Cover) – Rico Love Featuring Plies

Plies is an American rapper that has been silent for a while and Rico Love has been swiftly coming up on everyone’s radar – we kinda sorta like the collaboration.

Drunk In Love (Beat Remix)- Diplo
This is a beat remix that we actually find ourselves liking. It’s a techno blend but still has hiphop vibes.

Drunk In Love (Beat Remix) – Detail
Detail, the man behind the bewitching beat for Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Drunk in Love”, has gone rogue on a new version of the track, featuring unreleased vocals and more. Listen to the chopped-up, stretched out, cathedral-ready seven-minute track, now titled “Drunken Love”, via Complex.


Drunk In Love/Vulnerable (Cover) – Katy B

Katy B’s version is a stripped back cover, with a trio of backing singers adding a gospel flavour to the track.

Listen & Watch the original track if you haven’t:

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