Trybe Records presents “Higher”, the first single off Eldee’s upcoming album ‘Is It Your Money Vol.2’. Eldee features Sojay and K9, the two artists newly signed to his record label, Trybe Records, on the track.

Sojay and K9 were discovered through the ‘Top Talent’ contest which Trybe Records put together earlier this year to scout for and showcase undercover Nigerian talent. A competition where Sojay emerged winner and K9, the first runner-up.

The ‘Is It Your Money Vol.2’ album promises to be Eldee’s best work yet and is scheduled for release next month.


Here is the single:

Eldee has also been working on releasing a video for the song, here is a behind the scenes clip from the video shoot:

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  1. nicola

    working on a music video looks like an amazingly long process but how cool and fun does this shoot look?!.. Trybe Records need any FAB extras? :) lol


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