Sophy Aiida is a young French-Cameroonian multi-talented woman, based in New York sophy aiidaCity, well-known as an actress and TV host. To add to her array of talents, Sophy Aiida is also an artist with an inborn passion for music – her first love. When Sophy hears melodies a story forms and soon after, a memorable song is created. This is exactly how she conceived her debut track in New York, ‘Break It Down’.

Written and produced by the young performer, Sophy’s first venture as a recording artist has seduced many from the first listen. Her melodious voice, combined with a catchy beat and chorus resonate in the head! ‘Break it Down’ flirts with electro sounds and pop, mixed with African rhythms. The result, an explosive melodic cocktail which is set to be THE summer hit! Influenced and inspired by a diverse range of artists such as Bob Marley, Rihanna, Brenda Fassi and many more Sophy Aiida is well positioned to make her mark in the afropop industry.



Behind the scenes shots of Sophy Aiida’s up coming video ‘Break it Down’

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