Rihanna released the video to her new single “You Da One” this morning. The video is in black and white with Rihanna in what looks like a dance studio. It also features personal text in her very own hand writing as well as magazine articles.






Her clothing doesn’t leave a lot to ones imagination as it consists of a lot figure hugging bodysuits and a rope ensemble (trousers and a jacket). Of course it wouldn’t be a Rihanna video if there wasn’t a bit of provocative dancing here and there.

All in all the video seems pretty tame from a performer who is known to constantly shock fans.  The song is quite fitting due to the fact that she has been seen all around town with her boo Dudley O’Shaughnessy. Last week she released a teaser on twitter with a sill from the video saying:

 You know i’m already in trouble 4 this





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