Words cannot describe the love I have for this woman, her music is so authentic and so relatable, after I heard her ‘Sailing Souls‘ mixtape, I fell in love, there is just something about her that is so enchanting and captavating, more than the fact that she is completely stunning.

Her music is so real, and I’m always eagerly waiting for her next release, she’s got a new album coming out soon called ‘Souled Out ‘, theres yet to be a release date, but without a doubt its going to wow everyone. If you haven’t already heard her ‘Sailing Souls‘ click here for a free download.

Jhene has spoken about how she came to release ‘Sailing Souls’ when speaking about her return to music saying “Shortly before I conceived my daughter, I stepped back into the field and took a meeting with a label head . In this meeting, I was innocently told, to ‘sell’ myself when walking into these meetings. “That’s when I decided I would ‘sail’ myself rather than sell myself.”

I love artists that respect the integrity of music, that do not compromise themselves because of the wants of society but only release the music they feel should come out, only release whats really inside of them. They are basically poets, and that’s where the greats are created, and you are enlightened and educated through music.

Check out her latest video below called “3:16am”

Jhene talks about the video and the concept behind it below

Recently some devastating stating news came that Jhene had lost her 26-year-old brother, Miyagi, to cancer, and she decided to share with the world a song she wrote for him below. It is so moving, and I have to admit, brought me close to tears, have a listen.

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