How do you express yourself? Well through music of course, the best and most effective way of expressing all those emotions and feelings you have, and that’s exactly what artist Marga Lane did.


Her self-released EP, “Expressions” has infectious beats and expressive vocals that will leave you addicted and wanting more. She is hitting the music scene with a fresh new sound that will awaken your senses and move your soul.

A trained pianist and a lady known more for her heartfelt, melodic ballads, changed the game up a little with “Expressions” inviting her listeners to travel with her on a musical journey. 


With her EP she proves she is as versatile and as distinctive as they come. Marga Lane’s smooth style and her wealth of musicality make her such a fine artist. Musical icons including Adele, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys have influenced Marga Lane and it shows with every song on this EP.


From the club thumping, bass filled sounds of “Pain Killa” and “Boys” to the insightful, metaphoric lyrics of “Finish Line” and “Aftershocks,”Expressions” has something for everyone. Marga Lane’s powerful voice and soulful style will have you captivated from her very first note.

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Check out Marga Lane’s website and souncloud pages. Keep a  look out for her and her upcoming EP  ‘Expressions’.

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