Talented UK artist Lil Simz releases her version of Meek Mill‘s track Dreamchasers taken from his most recent mixtape release of the same name. Simz certainly gives a good account of herself on this Allstar production delivering some clever metaphors combined with a killer flow to match.

Meek Mill & Lil Simz


This young 17 year old Nigerian; real name Simbiatu Ajikawo is already a veteran in the emcee game. At the tender age of eight, while her friends played with Brattz dolls, she was already holding the mic. Her passion for music has seen the talented writer, producer; dancer and budding actress perform at ILUVLIVE, Industry Takeover (Urban Development) Hackney Empire, Somerset House and even the House of Lords.

Lil Simz is also known to thousands of youngsters for playing one of the leading characters, Vicky in the BBC/CBBC hit series Spirit Warriors.


“Music to me is real art and a true way to excite, educate and entertain people, it’s a way of expressing myself and my understanding of the world, when I write, I write in the form of story telling and keeping a diary helps! I can write vividly, the lyrical content is more effective and then I find a flow for it” explains Simz when asked about her writing process. LS musical influences are Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Jay-z, Kanye West, Lauren Hill, Beyonce, Fela, Bob Marley, Simz clearly has her eyes firmly fixed on success.


Filmed By: Just’Incredible, Edited By Lil Simz

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