FAB Music: JTON Records Presents Cynthia Morgan

The beautiful Multi-Talented and beautiful Cynthia Morgan is an Afro Pop Singer/Rapper/Reggaeton/Song Writer artist who took the industry by storm with her feature on Jhybo’s Ejo le Fero also known as “Dey just dey run their mouth”, and she is now read to take her place in and take over the Nigerian and African music industry.

She gained attention with her unique style of rapping and patios flow. However this time she is coming at us with something different, re-branded with a new label, new sound and image, Cynthia Morgan is definitely an artist to watch out for. Simply from her words “ I want to be rated among the top  male artist  in a male dominated world”  we know she means business, Watch out for the Official singles of Cynthia Morgan titled “HIGH HIGH HIGH and OJORO” to be released in the last week of June, but in the meantime keep a look out for her name.

Watch the video with Jhybo here


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  1. vera says:

    wowww she’s gorgeous

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