JOVI aka Ndukong Godlove Nfor , was born in 1983 in the North West region of Cameroon, is a prolific emerging rapstar whose versatility and immense talent is gaining worldwide attention including a potential collaboration with Akon’s US based label Konvict Records.

Jovi is co-owner and a signed artist under Cameroonian record label, MuMaK. In songs such as Don 4 Kwat, Man Pass Man, Pitié and Achombo House, JOVI showcases absolute mastery of various existing hip hop genres ranging from the classic American hip hop to the fast rising afro centric hip hop style as well as the ability to revive and restore old classics.

Jovi’s rap style is unique simply because he successfully fuses Pidgin English from his native Cameroon alongside Standard English to vividly portray and satirise his people’s lifestyle and mentality, giving his music a local and global appeal.

Versatile within his craft, Jovi has produced, written and composed songs for other artists such as the late Tom Yom’s, RnB singer Crisley, American pop singer Rachel Burks and the 2008 AFRICASTAR laureate Sidney (SINE). He also has a First Degree in Economics from the Yaoundé II SOA University, plus a Diploma in Sound Engineering from SAE Sound Engineering School in Bangalore, India.

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