It is no mystery – at least to those who follow me on Twitter – that my current A playlist song is Brooklyn-born Azealia Banks’s addictive “212” and musical wet dream a collaboration between the naughty girls of hip hop/pop Azealia and Rihanna. Just imagine Rihanna’s raspy voice laced with Azealia’s sizzling beats, possibly a production by Calvin Harris. A guaranteed hit, surely?

For a minute I shall let you ponder that if there ever is a collaboration between these two stars, you owe me, before I move on to a little musical journey of dream collabos we at Team FAB wish would come alive.

Read on to find out what musical dreams we harbour while going about our daily business of writing, editing and checking the new releases with the hope that our favourite acts have finally seen the light to bless us with a much coveted collabo.

Majek Fashek and Nneka by Oseyi Okuenobe
These two are from different eras but to me seem to have the same sound and vibe of the masses appeal. They get their inspiration from the rugged streets and aspirations of the old Bendel State region. Just feel like it would be like a passing of the torch sort of performance connecting the struggle of the ’80s to Nneka’s current causes – and would be great for Ragga fans as well.

Estelle and Tunde Bayewu (of Lighthouse Family) by Oseyi Okuenobe

Never really heard Tunde Bayewu in a duet before, and I think the contrasts between Estelle’s dancehall/reggae sound and Tunde’s soulful almost jazzy feel would be neat to hear.

Rihanna and Sade with Bruno Mars by Oseyi Okuenobe

Do I really need to explain why this would be awesome? First of all the vocals on a track with these three would be something you wouldn’t want to miss. It would introduce Sade to a new generation and give Bruno Mars an opportunity to sing with a Legend like Sade…

Drake and MI by Oseyi Okuenobe

Battle of the lyricists. This collaboration would be so combustible, I actually have no idea what to expect. They both seem to have gone through the same path of not being appreciated for their style and still making it big.

Lady Gaga and Madonna by Olamide Oni

The combination would be really fierce.

Mary J Blige and Wale by Karen Young
This would be an amazing collaboration because of their different styles. Mary J is without a doubt the queen of Soul music while Wale is a brilliant rapper with witty and intelligent wordplay that endeared him to fans at the beginning of his career, his rap is devoid of the cliches that abound in rap music these days, his verse has depth, his trippy neo-soul style ( e.g his ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ collabo with Miguel) combined with Mary J’s soul wrenching style will definitely be the stuff that dreams are made of.

India Arie and Asa by Karen Young

The combination of their diverse yet slighlty similar style of music would definitely transport me to lyrical heaven, the amalgam of Asa’a African soul and India’s American soul will be musical perfection.

Rihanna and Beyonce by Sharon Ojong

It would be the final satisfaction of hearing two people I find intriguing.

Tuface and D’banj by Sharon Ojong

It’s high time already as Tuface has done collabos with almost the top 10 musicians in Nigeria except D’banj.

Vybz Kartel  and Rihanna or Vybz Kartel and Tinie Tempah by Phoebe Parke

The collaboration would be so successful because it would be a fusion of two different genres which is something we don’t see enough of in music, collabos such as Movado and Chipmunk’s “Every Girl” were crazy successful because it’s such a fresh and new idea and bashment artists always stay strong to their genre, even when working with pop musicians.

Sade, Maxwell and John Meyer by Lara Olafisoye

Sade is one of the best vocalists of all time and Maxwell’s falsetto will complement her beautifully. Add in the contrast of John Mayer’s bluesy tone and the cross over appeal would be universal.

Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill by Simi Balogun
For one of my dream collaborations I would have to say Jill Scott & Lauryn Hill – these are my music sistrens! Jill’s funky and soul voice paired with Ms Hill’s spiritual and dexterous rhymes would make for fine listening. Jill Scott’s voice on the struggles of love and relationship is heard loud and clear just like Ms. Hills on her infamous track  ‘Ex-Factor’. Both with lyrics that read like poetry and with similar heartbreak journeys, these ladies pure organic voice’s would be the best women soul anthem to come out.

Wizkid and Busta Rhymes by Simi Balogun

Wiz Kid & Busta Rhymes…need I say more? The collaboration between these two would be electric. Both musicians always bring a level of energy to any track they touch. Busta’s idiosyncratic personality in rap and recognizable delivery with incredible complexity and humor would be the perfect complement to Wiz Kid’s unique and captivating flow. This collaboration could only bring good things.

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