Interested in winning $2000? Well, then you should be joining the innovator of the GidiHouseMafia sound, DJ Caise and the famous masked musical maestro, Lagbaja  live on “KOKO TERMINATOR” Google+ hangout coming up on the 30th of July 2013 at 7pm Nigerian time.

The hangout which will feature live performances from DJ Caise and the the legend, Lagbaja, who has been off live performances for a while now, will be streamed live on Google+ to fans of both artists from all over the world.

According to DJ Caise, the decision to feature an icon such as Lagbaja is all part of his desire to treat fans to a unique blend of music under his GidiHouseMafia platform. In KOKO TERMINATOR, Lagbaja’s African elements are fused very nicely on strong House beats to create an emotive dance tune.

Fans are enjoined to tune in to watch the first ever live performance of KOKO TERMINATOR and to learn how to win $2,000! We know that got your attention!

Don’t be caught missing out on this one, pre-register for the Google+ hangout at this link:

And watch it live on YouTube at:

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