Rapper Bukola Folayan was born in a music family and started her career professionally in an all girls group called ‘G-vibes” where she later went solo. After leaving her group, Bouqui has released two albums(B.O.U.Q.U.I AND Renditions) to her credits and owns her own record label called “Bouqui’s Place Entertainment” where she plans on releasing her third album soon. Her lead single “Get it started” debuted at Number one on the beats segment of World Charts Show hosted by PJ Butter. Bouqui is no stranger to the music scene, dues well paid, foundation well laid,choices well made, she has chosen to inspire and motivate with her gift. Bouqui who has toured America, Uk and some parts of Europe is called Nigeria’s new generation music’s most traveled artistes, says her music is a ministry as she wants to use her talent and skill to spread the gospel because she loves God.

Who said what’s in the past stays in the past. There are some things that can’t just be forgotten, no matter how much you try. Sunny Ade’s “Igbeyinloju” hit track from the 80s, is one of them. Her new single produced by Jerry Metz. Igbeyinloju is one of the very unique songs of the early days of King Sunny Ade and she talks about choices and how they can make or break you with two interesting stories.

Presently in the studio with genius producer Sam clef and also working with Cohbams and many more, Bouqui is determined to give her best to her third album. She won the award for “Best Female Act” (AMEN awards,2007), an NMVA for “Best Mainstream Video” for her Take you away song.

Listen to Igbeyinloju on below


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