Prowling the internet looking for top South African hiphop artists, I came across an extremely provocative song titled ‘Blacks R Fools’ by an award winning artist named Slikour. A founding member of the hiphop group Skwatta Kamp, they produced famous hits like ‘Umoya’ and ‘Clap Song’.

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Silkour later embarked on a solo career winning Metro FM ‘s hit single of the year award for his single ‘Umsindo in 2008, and was several times a nominee at the annual South Africa Music Awards  and the Channel O music awards.

His 3rd album Ventilation Volume 3 included the single ‘Black R Fools’. The single was released over 18 months ago but is still causing a media frenzy when mentioned. The title alone strikes a chord without divulging deep into the lyrics.

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The Artist gives his view of the current state of black South Africans; he is highly explicit in his views, addressing both social and political issues. In the chorus, Slikour states “Coz we blackz are foolz they just want to fresh, and they want to be cool, give them a little money and they think they rule”.




After a few weeks of it’s release the industry rallied a ban on the song, claiming it’s undermining to the blacks of South Africa and it misrepresents South Africa to the world.

The industry intervention to ban the song raises questions; does the lyricist depict the ‘true’ state of black South Africans? During the apartheid era, music from the likes of Hugh Masekela, and Miriam Makeba was banned. Their songs were seen as tools that provoke the masses and enlightenment them of the injustice of the regime. Has Slikour in his song done just that, enlightened the masses of the ‘real’ state of the black people of Mzansi?

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  1. Michelle Spice

    This artiste is right! It is all over the world. I want know what mind control are over them but they are foolz!!! Rise up and wake up out of your dormant state!!!!



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