Meet 23 year old, half Iranian and half French, Manchester born and raised singer-songwriter and musician,  Anisa. Signed to Alwayz Recordings, and set to enchant you with her refreshing, soulful and organic sound. Today, Anisa will be releasing her debut street-track ‘Music‘ featuring the chart-topping MC’s MC, Wretch 32, that will be made available as a free download via social unlock.


A classically trained pianist, Anisa‘s passion for music has been firmly ingrained from an early age – she started piano lessons at the age of 6, and penning her first songs not long after. By the age of 15  Anisa began recording her own self-written demo’s at local studios in Manchester.


Then while studying for her degree in International Management and French (which she speaks fluently and also songwrites in) at Manchester University, she was introduced to Alwayz Recordings, who, blown away by her musical ability, signed her to their label and management company on the spot.


Music‘  will be the first cut to be released from Anisa‘s forthcoming debut EP, due out March. Mixed/produced by S.Chu (one half of Exemen). And featuring Wretch 32, ‘Music’  Fusing Anisa’s alluring and distinctive vocals, emotive piano composition and candid lyrics with an infectious beat, dirty bassline and Wretch 32’s lyrical genius, ‘Music’ is the perfect introduction to Anisa and gives you a glimpse into what you can expect from her this year.
Listen here and let us know what you think of Anisa’s sound.

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