MALAIKAWe are not sure whether to celebrate or to commiserate over the sad fact that it has taken Prada a whopping 19 years since Naomi Campbell to use another black face in their campaign shots, but regardless -Prada or no Prada – Malaika Firth is a new face in modelling worth celebrating.

Malaika Firth, a Kenyan-born, U.K.-raised model, is one of seven in the new ad campaign, starring alongside the likes of industry heavyweight Christy Turlington and Chinese model Fei Fei Sun. She has been modelling since 2011 and is signed with Premiere Models.

Let’s have a quick look at her iProfile:
How important is fashion to you? Quite important, I like to look good everywhere I go even if I’m going to pick up my little brother from school.
When was the last time you cried and why? Yesterday when I was answering these questions and suddenly my laptop switched off, I couldn’t believe it! I wrote so much and was so exited to read it to my mother and then BOOM! it switched off. I literally was screaming. I think I even woke up my neighbours.
Who would be your dream date? There are so many male celebs that catch my eyes unfortunately my dream date is yet to be discovered!
What place in the world is the most special to you and why? Kenya because it’s great! There are so many things I can do, like help my grandma with her restaurant, visit all my family. Whenever I go to Kenya I never forget to buy clothes and toys because near where my family lives there is a tribe called ‘The Giriamas’, they live in tiny huts (about 5 to 7 live in one) so it’s great to go and share the clothes and sweets with the children.
Choose one place from five cities you like to visit or hang out in…
New York – The Empire State building
Paris – Eiffel Tower
Victoria – Mahe Island
Dubai – Atlantis Hotel
Jerusalem – The Gate of Eternal life
Where are you off to now? New York, New York!

And if these quickfire questions are not enough, why not take a look at her YouTube intro:


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