The Holla at Your Boy superstar crooner, Wizkid was reported to have been involved in an accident over the weekend, Saturday precisely but thankfully, was unhurt and took to twitter to express his gratitude over the saving of this one life.

car accident

Wizkid tweeted:


Yes, and how grateful we are to God for saving him too. Wizkid was involved in the accident that occurred at about 3:30am in front of GET Arena while leaving the Nokia Lumia Beat party which took place at the Oriental Hotel.

The cause of the accident was said to have been as a result of a burst tyre but no one, including the persons in the car with him were hurt. Wizkid, who wasn’t the one who drove the car however, was quickly taken away in another car while his bodyguard stayed back to have the bashed car towed. You must remember the bashed car, right? The N15m Porsche Panamera S he recently bought. Yes, you do. Take a look at it before the accident.

wizkid car

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