Hello Friends…

I know you’ve missed me. I’ve been busy being FAB in secret but have decided to come back to share some of what I’ve been working on with you.


I hope you’ve all been following my steps for being FAB? If you remember a couple weeks ago, FAB magazine went on tour in New York City and had a FABbulous time! We got to hang out at two fantastic lounges/clubs in Manhattan (next time you’re in the big apple be sure to check out Ava Lounge and Niki Midtown)

Now that FAB Magazine has successfully launched in the US, I’ve been keeping track of FAB Magazine Sightings around the country. I currently have only 4 sightings and we need that number to go up.



So here’s what I need you to do:

Find the nearest magazine shop or barnes & noble store that stocks FAB Magazine and then send us the name/address of the location where you’ve spotted FAB Magazine. Of course you should probably purchase a copy of the Magazine as well!

View FAB Magazine Sightings in a larger map

Once we get your FAB Sighting [comment on this blog with the location or send them to oikuenobe{at}fabmagazineonline.com] and we’ll update our FAB Magazine Sightings Map above with your location.

Let the “FAB Spotting” begin! Comon America don’t let me down…if this catches on I’m sure the rest of the world will want to copy us (as usual)…


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