Speaking about this new collection, Temitayo Ilesanmi Nathan known as T.I Nathan said: “My collections are a processed reflection of my philosophies as a human person, birth from my personal experiences. PERSPECTIVE was born out of the Illusion of what we call knowledge. How our state of mind helps in shaping the ideas of what we claim to know. I found myself asking why the mind is so vulnerable to taking in everything and anything without questioning its authenticity, how justifiable are the things we attach the concept of TRUTH to. I mirrored my thoughts from my designs to my choice of fabrics, down to the color palette”



The Mesh Fabrics are a personification of our minds as human persons, From a Universal angle, The Worlds Perspective of White would be synonymous to Purity and Light but from my Perspective its another Empty form of Mystery,The Navy Color Portrays a Certain Kind of Confidence, I would say its a color in deep search of SELF, While Red is believed to be the perfect color of Love, On the contrary, I say its a color that symbolizes unadulterated Lust. That is my PERSPECTIVE and it doesn’t have to conform with the overrated norm, the worlds norm of “Make-Belief”.


Checkout the amazing designs from the new collection below.








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